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            Zhejiang Haoxing (hangrui) Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


            Products Display
            One of the manufacturers of special chains
            About Us
            A chain manufacturing company with more than ten years of history

            500 +

            Product Category

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            National Standard Qualification

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            Advanced production equipment

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            Precision testing equipment

            Zhejiang Haoxing (hangrui) Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

            The company began to produce starters, thermal protectors and electrical machines for compressors in 1988. In 2000, the company adjusted the product structure. Now it mainly produces compressor crankcase heaters and heater bands, compressor junction boards, starter boxes, protection modules, phase sequence protectors, connecting lines and plug springs, compressor lead sockets, gasoline pumps, air-conditioner booster heaters, transformers, temperature sensors, parapet wall Kafu, ceiling air-conditioner drainage pumps, phase sequence plates, daub, relays, ...

            Company Technical AbundantCompany technical force is abundant

            Zhejiang Haoxing Chain Co., Ltd. is a chain manufacturing enterprise with more than ten years of history. It is one of the manufacturers of special chains.

            The company Has Advanced Production EquipmentThe company has advanced production equipment

            Advanced technology and complete testing methods
            Products are sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions.
            The product is suitable for mechanical transmission and input devices of household appliances, food processing, painting engineering, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, shoemaking, smoking machines, light industry, post and telecommunications

            Quality First, Sincere ServicQuality first, sincere service

            "Quality is the life of an enterprise, talent is the foundation of the enterprise, customers are the god of the enterprise, and management is the soul of the enterprise" is our highest business philosophy. We will provide you with the most unique style and good market development system

            News Center
            Superb design innovation ability, reliable product quality

            Cleaning method of mechanical chain

            Do not immerse the mechanical chain …

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